This page provides information on how to build, test, and develop Skein.

Building Skein

Clone Repository

Clone the skein git repository:

$ git clone

Install Dependencies (Conda)

We recommend using the Conda package manager to setup your development environment. Here we setup a conda environment to contain the build dependencies.

# Create a new conda environment
$ conda create -n skein

# Activate environment
$ conda activate skein

# Install dependencies
$ conda install -c conda-forge grpcio protobuf cryptography pyyaml

# Install grpcio-tools (not on conda-forge currently)
$ pip install grpcio-tools

Besides the above dependencies, you’ll also need Maven. You can install Maven using your system package manager, the maven website, or use Conda:

$ conda install -c conda-forge maven

Install Dependencies (Pip)

You can also setup the development environment using pip.

$ pip install grpcio protobuf cryptography pyyaml grpcio-tools

Besides the above dependencies, you’ll also need Maven. You can install Maven using your system package manager or via the maven website.

Build and Install Skein

You can build and install Skein as an editable package or a regular install.

# Build and install skein as an editable package
$ python develop

# or, build and install as a regular package
$ python install

Running the Tests

The test suite is designed to run in a specific hadoop setup, provided by the hadoop-test-cluster package. This is a CLI tool for setting up a Hadoop cluster using docker compose. This requires docker compose be installed, and the docker daemon already be running. Please follow the install instructions for your system here.

Install hadoop-test-cluster

You can install hadoop-test-cluster using pip. This assumes you already have docker and docker-compose already installed.

The hadoop-test-cluster repository readme has documentation on usage - below we provide a few commands needed for using the cluster to run the tests.

$ pip install hadoop-test-cluster

Startup the Test Cluster

This command starts up a tiny Hadoop cluster with simple security, and mounts the current directory as ~/skein on every node. To create a cluster with kerberos security enabled, add --config kerberos to the command.

$ htcluster startup --image cdh5 --mount .:skein

Login to the Edge Node

$ htcluster login

Setup the Development Environment

The docker image already has Conda installed. After startup, you only need to install the runtime and test dependencies (see Install Dependencies (Conda)). Alternatively, Maven is also already installed on the docker image, so you can skip the instructions for building Skein locally above and do everything on the docker image.

You also need pytest to run the tests, and flake8 to run the lint checks.

$ conda install -c conda-forge pytest flake8

Build and Install Skein

$ python develop

Run the Tests

$ pytest skein

Run the Linter

$ flake8 skein

Shutdown the Cluster

When you are done developing, you can shutdown the cluster using the following

$ htcluster shutdown

Building the Documentation

Skein uses Sphinx for documentation. The source files are located in skein/docs/source. To build the documentation locally, first install the documentation build requirements

$ pip install sphinx numpydoc sphinxcontrib.autoprogram

Then build the documentation with make

# Running from the skein/docs folder
$ make html

The resulting HTML files end up in the build/html directory.

Submitting a Documentation-Only Pull Request

If your pull-request only contains documentation changes, you can tell Travis-CI to skip running the tests (and speed-up our CI process) by including the string "skip-tests" somewhere in your commit message. For example:

Note how to skip tests on travis-ci [skip-tests]

Add a note to the develop.rst docs on how to skip running the tests in
# Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
# with '#' will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit.
# On branch conditional-docs-build
# Changes to be committed:
#    modified:   docs/source/develop.rst