Configuration Options


class hdfscm.HDFSContentsManager(*args, **kwargs)

A ContentsManager implementation that persists to HDFS.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.allow_hidden = Bool(False)

Allow access to hidden files

config c.HDFSContentsManager.create_root_dir_on_startup = Bool(True)

Create root_dir on startup if it doesn’t already exist

config c.HDFSContentsManager.files_handler_class = Type(<class 'notebook.files.handlers.FilesHandler'>)

handler class to use when serving raw file requests.

Default is a fallback that talks to the ContentsManager API, which may be inefficient, especially for large files.

Local files-based ContentsManagers can use a StaticFileHandler subclass, which will be much more efficient.

Access to these files should be Authenticated.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.files_handler_params = Dict()

Extra parameters to pass to files_handler_class.

For example, StaticFileHandlers generally expect a path argument specifying the root directory from which to serve files.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.hdfs_host = Unicode('default')

The hostname of the HDFS namenode.

By default this will be inferred from the HDFS configuration files.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.hdfs_port = Int(0)

The port for the HDFS namenode.

By default this will be inferred from the HDFS configuration files.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.hide_globs = List()

Glob patterns to hide in file and directory listings.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.pre_save_hook = Any(None)

Python callable or importstring thereof

To be called on a contents model prior to save.

This can be used to process the structure, such as removing notebook outputs or other side effects that should not be saved.

It will be called as (all arguments passed by keyword):

hook(path=path, model=model, contents_manager=self)
  • model: the model to be saved. Includes file contents. Modifying this dict will affect the file that is stored.

  • path: the API path of the save destination

  • contents_manager: this ContentsManager instance

config c.HDFSContentsManager.root_dir = Unicode('')

The root directory to serve from.

By default this is populated by root_dir_template.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.root_dir_template = Unicode('/user/{username}/notebooks')

A template string to populate root_dir from.

Receive the following format parameters:

  • username

config c.HDFSContentsManager.untitled_directory = Unicode('Untitled Folder')

The base name used when creating untitled directories.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.untitled_file = Unicode('untitled')

The base name used when creating untitled files.

config c.HDFSContentsManager.untitled_notebook = Unicode('Untitled')

The base name used when creating untitled notebooks.


class hdfscm.HDFSCheckpoints(**kwargs)

A Checkpoints implementation that persists to HDFS

config c.HDFSCheckpoints.checkpoint_dir = Unicode('.ipynb_checkpoints')

The directory name in which to keep file checkpoints

This is a path relative to the file’s own directory.

By default, it is .ipynb_checkpoints


class hdfscm.NoOpCheckpoints(**kwargs)

A Checkpoints implementation that does nothing.

Useful if you don’t want checkpoints at all.